About Mojo Box

MOJO Box is an elite invitational-only program that brings together the most talented high school and middle school lacrosse players in the DMV (DC, Maryland, and Virginia) to compete in 6 box practices and 2 box tournaments including (1) East Coast Box Championships and (2) Philadelphia Indoor Lacrosse Championships.

Why play MOJO Box?

First and foremost, box lacrosse is the ideal venue to hone one’s technical skills. In a fast-paced, tightly confined space, box players are challenged to move with purpose and perfect their stick skills. In box, players are taught the tremendous importance of spacing, pick-play, and cohesive teamwork. 

A field lacrosse player who works on his craft in box will gain an edge with improved reaction time, superior off-ball movement, and unparalleled stick handling. Box lacrosse is the great equalizer for the sport of lacrosse, putting a premium on player IQ and skill over athleticism. Skills learned in box lacrosse are amplified on the field, where players have more space and time to make decisions. Any field player can find enormous benefit in playing box lacrosse. 

At MOJO Box, we understand the enormous benefits of playing box, and we will do it right, with an authentic focus  on box lacrosse skills, through six comprehensive training sessions and two elite tournaments offer the perfect platform to compete at the highest level possible.