About Mojo National

MOJO National is an elite invitation-only program that brings together the most talented lacrosse players from across the United States to compete in premier events such as The Circuit (2031s to 2028s) and Sand Storm Lacrosse Festival (2027s to 2025s). Mojo players are empowered to reach the next level as competitors, athletes, and exceptional individuals.

At MOJO National, we understand that to be the best, players must learn from the best. Our team of phenomenal coaches has achieved success at every level of the sport and are now dedicated to developing the next generation of elite players. 

MOJO National’s dedication to cultivating exceptional young men is second to none. We focus intensely on the holistic development of each student-athlete, with a commitment that goes beyond on-field goals, such as our partnership with the Mabry Academy.  We empower our players with invaluable life lessons including leadership, teamwork, respect, and grit, which equip them with essential qualities that extend well beyond their college years.